TCome along and enjoy a relaxing Hatha Yoga session with Maggie Cuthers

  • Monday nights 5.50pm – 7.20pm – Term 2, starts 29th April 2024
  • 9 weeks $117
  • Tuesday mornings 10am -11.30am – Term 2, starts 30th April 2024
  • 10 weeks $130
  • Wednesday nights 5.30pm – 7.00pm – Term 2, starts 1st May 2024
  • 10 weeks $130
  • $80 for 5 classes or $20 casual per class

All enquiries please Ph Maggie 028-4106531 OR Email

Maggie has been practicing yoga for 18 years. She holds teaching certificates from the Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia and is currently teaching various community classes in West Auckland.

The continued practice of yoga improves physical, mental and emotional health to bring balance to our busy lives. Yoga works for you at the level you need it to. The benefits of yoga are subtle and profound if practiced regularly, therefore patience and continuity are strongly recommended.

Come to Maggie’s yoga class in loose comfortable clothing, bring your own mat and blanket. (we do have a few spares). Expect to leave your day behind at the door, which includes turning your mobile phone OFF. It is advisable to adequately hydrate before each class, as well as to ensure you have been to the bathroom. Avoid eating a large meal for at least 3 hours before your class and at least half an hour afterwards.